تَقْرِيبًا \ about: not exactly; a little before or after; a little more or less: about 9 o’clock; about 50 boys. all but: nearly: Our boat all but sank in the storm. almost: nearly: I have almost finished. He is very old - almost eighty. approximately: nearly, but not exactly: The box weighed approximately 10 kilos. as good as: nearly: The match is as good as won. close on: nearly: There were close on a hundred people at the meeting. more or less: about, but not exactly: It’s 20 miles away, more or less. She’s more or less ready, but she can’t find her handbag. near: close to, in time: It was near midnight when he got home. nearly: almost: She’s nearly ready. It’s nearly six o’clock.. odd: (after a guessed number which is the nearest 10 or 100 or 1000 below the actual number) and more: 50-odd boys (between 50 and 60); 600-odd girls (between 600 and 700). practically: nearly: She’s practically ready. pretty well: almost: The paint is pretty well dry. roughly: (with numbers and amounts) not exactly; about: roughly 50 trees; roughly a mile away. to all intents and purposes: in regard to all that matters: To all intents and purposes, the work is finished (though a few unimportant points remain to be dealt with).

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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